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(2024, short film)

Pallaton (2024) Poster
Zachary Hokeah Pallaton (2024)_edited.jpg

Pallaton (2024) is a short film about a combat veteran seeking revenge for the brutal murder of his wife.


Johannes Becht

Zachary Hokeah

Director: Johannes Becht

Screenplay written by:

Johannes Becht

Zachary Hokeah

Director of Photography:


Main Cast:

Zachary Hokeah

Kinley McGowen

Dennis Knifechief

Jordan Cruz

Johannes Becht

Completed in:

February 2024

Production Company:

Becht Works

The Southwestern

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Drone Shots Downtown Weatherford for Pallaton (2024)_edited.jpg
Zachary Hokeah (right) and Kinley McGowen (left) during a shoot for Pallaton (2024)
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