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Pallaton (2024) Plot

Former combat soldier Pallaton is enjoying his retirement in rural Oklahoma. When his wife is brutally murdered, he has to face his demons from the past.

The film starts with Pallaton driving on a country road on his way to a bar. There, he meets Alex, an old friend, who gets him in touch with a gun dealer called Hartman. When Pallaton meets Hartman, he finds out that a guy named Colt is after him.

The next day, Pallaton drives around town, when he suddenly realizes he's being followed. Eventually, a foot chase occurs that ends with a fight in an abandoned house, out of which Pallaton emerges victorious.

After the fight, the mercenary gets a phone call, which Pallaton answers instead. He realizes the caller must be the mercenary's boss Colt, Pallaton's wife's murderer. He calls Alex to locate the number, but suddenly, he gets a hit on the head and becomes unconscious.

When Pallaton wakes up, he finds himself tied up in an unknown location. The next day, Colt visits him and an intense dialogue ensues. As it turns out, Colt makes Pallaton responsible for the death of his brother during their time in the Army.

When Colt takes Pallaton outside to pee, Alex shows up, giving Pallaton the opportunity to attack Colt and his gun. An intense fight ensues, and Pallaton is eventually able to get Colt into a chokehold. After a few intense moments and after seeing Alex being hurt, Pallaton reluctantly lets Colt live.

In the end scene, Pallaton and Alex are seen sitting together, waiting for the police to arrive.

Zachary Hokeah in Pallaton (2024).png

Zachary Hokeah as Pallaton.

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