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Johannes Becht COPS program SWOSU.jpg

Police Videos

The picture above shows me in front of a police vehicle from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. The photo was taken after a training session of the CLEET Collegiate Officer Program at SWOSU.

Those trainings provided me with a more than excellent opportunity to get more into action filming. Of course, I never knew what would happen next, which had effects on the video quality, but I liked the challenge of it.

I tried to incorporate a lot of coherent storytelling into those videos and usually started with a scene that was supposed to draw viewers directly into the action.

I also worked closely with the SWOSU Police Department to create introduction videos of the officers. My goal was to get students to learn more about the background of the individual officers, thereby starting to see them as human beings and not just a uniform.

The next step for me is to go on ride-alongs with professional police departments.

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