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Journalistic Work

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For more than 8 years, I have been involved in writing and digital storytelling by working in a variety of journalistic positions in Germany and the USA.

  • 9+ years experience

  • 2 languages

  • 5 internships

  • 5+ years freelance

  • 2+ months full-time reporter

In February 2014, I started a 2-week internship in the online department of Pforzheimer Zeitung, the local newspaper of my hometown. I got hired after my internship as freelancer for independent online writing and editing, e.g. on the weekends. In 2016, I started contributing to the sports departments after another internship. I was also a copywriter for a travel agency during my time in Frankfurt in 2018/19.

>>>Work Samples (German)

When I got to the United States to pursue a degree in Strategic Communication at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, I started focusing on bettering my writing skills in the English language by working as reporter & eventually News Editor for The Southwestern, SWOSU's student news site. In summer 2022, I conducted an internship for The Lawton Constitution, and as full-time multimedia reporter in summer 2023 and part-time in fall 2023. Although more a hobby, I also write articles for my own satire news website Morning News Tonight.

>>>Work Samples (English)

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