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Thank you for visiting my website!

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Multimedia is my Life!

My name is Johannes Becht and I am a Multimedia Journalist as well as an aspiring Filmmaker & Actor.

  • 9+ years media experience

  • Skilled in writing, photography, video

  • Experienced in Social Media & SEO

  • major in Strategic Communication (Dec. '23

  • Bilingual (German & English)

I have worked in a variety of positions, among others as online & social media editor, reporter, copywriter and videographer.

Since the beginning of 2021, I've been heavily involved in video production. Without a lot of prior experience, I managed to quickly gain the necessary skills in video filming & editing.

Some of my favorite work includes (more work samples can be found here):

Johannes Becht during a video shooting w
Johannes Daniel Becht Fire SWOSU Oklahoma Washita County_edited.jpg
Johannes Becht interviews Oklahoma House
Johannes Becht as Reporter for The Lawton Constitution_edited.jpg

Writing has always been one of my passions and strengths, in both German and English. My biggest strengths are headlines, teasers and leads.

Journalistic integrity and reliability was always something I placed great emphasis on. I've always tried to make it my mission to report as accurately and bipartisan as possible, allowing readers and viewers to make up their own mind, especially when it comes to political issues.





Photography as part of multimedia journalism is something that I got better in the past few years due to my internship at The Lawton Constitution, where it was required to go out and write and take pictures at the same time (sometimes even with video), unlike in my previous positions at my local newspaper in Germany.


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