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Multimedia is my Life!

My name is Johannes Becht and I am an aspiring

Video / Film Producer & Multimedia Journalist. 

Once I graduate in summer 2023 with a major in Strategic Communicationand a minor in Film Production, I will also have over 9 years of combined work experience in the media industry as freelancer, part-time, intern and student worker.

I have worked in a variety of positions, among others as online & social media editor, reporter, copywriter and videographer.

Since the beginning of 2021, I've been heavily involved in video production. Without a lot of prior experience, I managed to quickly gain the necessary skills in video filming & editing.

Some of my best work includes (click on the respective text to learn more):

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Johannes Becht during a video shooting w
Johannes Becht interviews Oklahoma House
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Johannes Becht interviews SWOSU student.jpg
Johannes Becht interview with SWOSU Prov

Writing has always been one of my passions and strengths, in both German and English. During the last 8 years, I've focused on improving it as much as I can.

Journalistic integrity and reliability was always something I placed great emphasis on. If something was talked "off the record," it was, in fact, off the record, to name one example.


Also, I always tried to remain as independent as possible in terms of writing from a neutral point of view, thereby allowing readers and viewers to make up their own mind, especially when it comes to political issues.





Interviewing as an essential part of research has always been one of the things I enjoyed the most.


Whether it was PR offices of state governments or police/fire departments, mayors, soccer players, students, doctors, university presidents, or police officers, professors, and politicians - I had the opportunity to interview a variety of different people from all sort of different backgrounds, on and off camera.


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