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SWOSU lockdown: Two people shot at Campus North

According to the Weatherford Police Department, a possible armed robbery could be the reason for the 40-minutes lockdown at SWOSU on Tuesday afternoon/evening.

By Johannes Becht

News Editor

Tuesday, Oct 27, 5:36 p.m.: SWOSUalert - active shooter!

Every SWOSU student who signed up for the alert system got the following text message: "active shooter lock campus at once active shooter Campus North." It meant the Campus North apartments.

Active shooter - high alert - immediate lockdown!

Following that message, the whole Weatherford campus went into a lockdown which eventually should last more than 40 minutes. Doors were locked, lights shut off, and SWOSU students were hiding in various locations across campus.

Suspect shoots victim, victim shoots suspect

In Duke's Diner and the Grill, the two Food Services on campus, students and employees were ordered to hide under tables and to sit on the floor. Authorities from SWOSU Food Services, in particular Radonna Sawatzky, Director of Food Service, managed to calm down the situation and to take precaution against a possible shooting.

A scary situation which lasted until 6:17 p.m. when the lockdown was officially lifted. Already before rumors had spread that Weatherford PD had taken over jurisdiction from SWOSU Police, but could not 100% verify that campus was safe.

The Weatherford Police Department on Tuesday evening announced that two people had been shot:

"Upon arrival officers found two males had been shot. Further investigation revealed the suspect had a gun then shot the victim. The victim then pulled his gun and shot the suspect. Both people were taken to the hospital and then were transferred to Oklahoma City for medical treatment. The investigation into this possible robbery is active and ongoing."

Weatherford PD also reported that "at approximately 5:23 PM Weatherford Police responded to a report of shots fired at 101 E. University Drive." It remains unclear, however, why SWOSU students were informed and put under lockdown not until 13 minutes later - 5:36 p.m.


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