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True Horsepower Amish Street Racing Fame with Clay Jacobs & Johannes Becht_1.jpg

True Horsepower:
Amish Street Racing Fame

Produced by Clay Jacobs (Abraham Yoder)

& Johannes Becht (Camera, Editing)

Growing up Amish in the pastures of Augusta, Wisconsin, Abraham Yoder often dreamt of the day he’d be able to leave the farm behind and begin his adventures in the land of the English.


Although the Amish Rumspringa (the Amish word describing the “rite of passage” into adulthood that allows young Amish men and women to explore life outside of the Amish community) lasts just two years, Yoder plans to make his mark on the outside world within that short allotment of time.

But in a world unbeknownst to him, how does an Amish man blaze his own path and follow his dreams in an increasingly competitive and digital era?

Simple. A one-way ticket to Sin City itself.

Las Vegas.

Clay Jacobs as Abraham Yoder in Amish Street Racing Fame True Horsepower Las Vegas.jpg
Clay Jacobs in Las Vegas as the Amish Abraham Yoder.png

Episode 1: Las Vegas

Clay Jacobs as Abraham Yoder in Las Vegas - Amish Street Racing Fame True Horsepower.png
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