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JB Bizeps

JB Bizeps is a German Fitness YouTuber and Musician. With his music video "Mein Bizeps brennt," he reached over 100 million views across the internet at the age of 16. Today, JB Bizeps lives in the United States.

JB Bizeps was born on June 22, 1998, in Pforzheim, Germany. He spent his childhood and teenage years in Pforzheim, Heidelberg and Koblenz.

In 2014, at the age of 16, he produced a music video called "Mein Bizeps brennt." Originally published on November 20, 2014, "Mein Bizeps brennt" ended up unintentionally going viral and reaching over 100 million views across the internet and millions more as short reels on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook.

In 2019, JB Bizeps moved to the United States to study Communications. He has remained there ever since.

Today, JB Bizeps is a Fitness YouTuber producing occasional workout videos. Under his real name Johannes Becht, he works as Digital Creator and Journalist.

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