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SWOSU's Little Secrets

The SWOSU campus in Weatherford is full of surprises and little secrets. Whenever you walk around campus, or open the door to a building, you will probably find nice art work, sculptures, statutes, or similar that will make the campus look more like a museum than a university.


In recognition of Thomas Stafford, SWOSU put up several paintings alongside with a collection of documents and important pieces (photo) in the lobby of Stafford Building.

Established 2007, this clock is located along East Davis / Bradley Street.


It is “just” a plastic model of the original Duke; however, this one can be transported anywhere, because it is set on a trailer.

This art work was created by Gary Hickerson and is called “Since Creation.” It was established 2001 and sponsored among others by the Kirkpatrick Family Fund and the SWOSU Foundation.

Art Building Sculpture.jpg
Pharmacy Garden.jpg

A beautifully decorated garden that is located in the center between the two sides of the CPP Building and Campus Drive. It was created 1989 for the 50th anniversary of the SWOSU Pharmacy program.

MA+ Architecture designed this Clock Tower plus the plaza around it for the 100th anniversary of SWOSU, which was 2007. He is one of the main eye sights on this campus.

Clock Tower.jpg
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