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Johannes Becht during a video shooting with SWOSU PD Sergeant Justin Simpson_edited.jpg

Video Production

Interviews - News - Police - Vlogs - Promo

Some of my Best Videos

$89 million upgrade of OKC's Will Rogers World Airport (incl. interview with Airport Director Mark Kranenburg), April 2021

The Problems with Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma (incl. interview with House Rep. Anthony Moore & SWOSU professor), Nov. 2021

Video about the building clearing training (& pepper spray exposure) from SWOSU's COPS program, April 2021

Video about the annual NRA meeting in Houston and its protests, just days after the school shooting in Uvalde, May 2022

Video about the opening event of the new eSports arena at SWOSU, June 2021

Video about the Firearm Training conducted by SWOSU's Collegiate Officer Program (COPS), Sept. 2021

Promo video for SWOSU's Residence Life to get students to apply for a position as Residence Advisor, Sept. 2021

Video about the new "Alma Mater Merc" convenience store at SWOSU, March 2021

After a few personal & amateur tryouts with phone camera and Windows Movie Maker as a teenager and an internship at TV-BW (11/2016 - 02/2017), I decided to get more into video filming & editing in late 2020 as News Editor for The Southwestern, the student news site of Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

What started with semi-professional videos about the COVID vaccination clinics held at SWOSU, quickly turned into a new passion.

Johannes Becht filming at Wall Street in New York City_1.jpg

My specialty are news videos & interviews, and I'm currently exploring new ways to learn about other video formats. I've recently been experimenting with vlogs and promo videos, but I am also curious about going into full-scale movie production.

Preview for a new theatre play "Monkey's Paw" by the SWOSU Theatre Department, Nov. 2021

Video about the Traffic Stop Training conducted by SWOSU's Collegiate Officer Program (COPS), April 2021

Video about SWOSU Fire Management conducting a controlled burn, April 2022

Video about the desperately needed renovation in SWOSU's Art Building, March 2021

Latest video of my series about SWOSU's campus police officer, Sept. 2021

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