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Mein Bizeps brennt

In October 2014, at the age of 16, I decided to produce a music video.

One reason was boredom, another one my desire to try myself out in music and video production. I used phone recorder / camera, basic audio editing tools as well as Windows Movie Maker.

The video ended up being unintentionally comic, weird, but also funny in a way that animated especially young people to watch the video, show it to others, and talk about it.

The video turned out to be a viral hit in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, with over 2 million views just on my YouTube channel. Combined with the multitude of re-uploads on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, the real number is likely to be in the mid-8-digit area. Most people under 25 in Germany have seen the video, or at least heard of it.

In November 2015, I took part in a public discussion about Social Media and its risks, organized by Pforzheimer Zeitung. You can read the article (German) by clicking here.

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